Please read all the information below, it is mandatory that you review all policies before your commission can be accepted.

By commissioning us you have agreed to these terms. You are more than welcome to ask if you have any questions! If you would like to contact us about any of the information listed here, please send a note to deliciousdisguises@gmail.com so we may view and respond to your message in the most timely and organized manner.

Delicious Disguises reserves the right to decline any commission for any reason.

We DO NOT take commissions from people under the age of 18, to have a legal contract you must be old enough for one. However, if you are 16+ and wish to have a suit you may get your parent(s) or legal guardians to contact us for you.


ALLERGY WARNING: While we do not allow smoke or pets in our studio, we are around a lot of animals and smokers and some particles may make their way onto our products from our clothing, if you have severe allergies be aware of this before commissioning us.


Thank you.


Quotes are estimates and are subject to change. Until you have a slot and are actually on the commission queue, your quote may change due to fluctuating prices of furs, etc.

A quote is a valid for a month, after that time is up you will have to get another.

If you do not tell us every feature you want in your suit we cannot give you a quote! We require a reference sheet, what features you want, the type of suit (partial, full plantigrade or full digitigrade) tail size, foot type, paw type and your size! (height and weight) plus sized suits cost more and take more time so may bring the cost up!



We accept payment via PayPal, Square, money orders, and gold doubloons.

We do have payment plans, there is a 30% deposit then monthly, with a minimum of $200 per month.

On approval you are required to pay a 30% deposit or the full amount, if you do not pay the full amount be aware that your commission will not be completed or sent until you have finished paying completely, including the shipping amount which is not part of the initial quote.

Please make sure you are financially stable before you commission a suit. If your payments come in late, you may be bumped to the back of the queue.


Deadlines and Finish Date Estimates

We DO NOT work with deadlines. If you want something to be done for a specific date let us know, but there is no guarantee that it'll be done for said date.

It's in our right to decline making a suit for a specific date.

It's in our right to miss deadlines for we do not rush suits, and sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances which affect the amount of time a project takes.

We will not send something incomplete or if it’s not made to our highest standards.

We do not rush for anyone, and we do not do rush charges. We like to take our time and make sure everything is the quality it should be! A rushed suit could mean mistakes and we like our suits to be perfect for the commissioner. We take pride in quality and wish it to be consistent throughout our suits.

Queue and Work Order

Once you have paid your deposit you will be placed on the queue. Orders are worked on one at a time and it is not possible to skip ahead in line for any reason, however it is possible to get bumped down if you are unable to complete your payments.

Once your order is at the top of the queue we will notify you that we are starting work on it. You will be shown progress pictures if you are getting a head, partial, or fullsuit. Parts commissions do not get progress pictures unless specifically requested.

We have two queues, parts and fursuits. A fursuit is anything that includes at least a head. The queues are worked on simultaneously, with the parts queue moving faster than the fursuit queue.



Shipping is not included in the initial quote price, and is always determined upon completion of the item, you will receive a shipping quote when we are able to weigh the boxed item.

We cannot lower delivery charges, we use a postal service calculator and the price given is the price it is to send. We use reasonably priced, trust worthy services. (USPS, FedEx, and UPS)

If your suit is damaged in transit Delicious Disguises cannot be held responsible but protection insurance for your parcel can be purchased at your cost.

Shipping is supplied by the commissioner (you!) it is an additional cost to the suit and is not included in the quote.

Shipping is not required up front and is advised not to be paid till after the suit is finished and ready to ship as postal prices change depending on time of year and how large the suit actually is. Some weigh more than others depending on fur type, species, features and size of the suit itself.

We ship anywhere that the postal service will go! Keep in mind that international shipping may be very pricey and take a long time to arrive due to customs. Certain countries may have trade embargoes with the USA that cause you to pay extra taxes to receive your item from the post, this is YOUR responsibility to research and know ahead of time, and we are in no way accountable for these fees.


Warranty and Repairs

The warranty of our suits is 1 year with typical wear and tear. However, with proper care they will last many more years than that!

We offer free minor repairs throughout the warranty with minor replacements. Major repairs and replacements will have a charge and the repair must be fully explained with pictures or video showing and we can give a quote on fixing it. After the warranty is up any repair, big or small, will be charged a fee.

We can decline any repair if:

⦁    if we are extremely busy (we will notify you when we are able to fix it, or forward you to a affiliate to fix)

⦁    if it is unfixable

⦁    if we believe suit has been purposely damaged

⦁    if the suit has been used for sexual activity

⦁    if you have any other maker(s) work on the suit

Before sending a suit back for fixing please ensure it has been washed and properly dried. Follow our online care guide for washing and general care instructions, you can read it HERE



The initial 30% down payment is NON-refundable and you cannot have it refunded if a cancellation occurs as we buy materials needed as soon as the deposit has come though. The materials bought may NOT be returned

Depending on how much work has been done can also affect your refund.

If the suit has been mostly paid and is 80-100% finished you cannot cancel your order.

We have 1 year from the last payment received to refund you, and it may be in parts.

It is in our right to cancel an order for any reason we see a cancellation is required.  This is a very rare occurrence for reasons such as a stolen character or hospitalization of our fursuit maker, or excessive harassment. If we feel harassed, you will be issued a warning and if you continue after this warning then your commission will be canceled on the spot. Harassment includes but is not limited to: repeatedly asking for your order to be rushed, or to "hurry up", messaging the fursuit maker on their personal account/s to ask for progress, asking for discounts, etc.


Design Changes

Design changes to markings can be made at any point before the head is furred. There may be additional costs that you will have to pay before more work is done on it.  Some changes like a major colour change will have a much larger cost or it may be not possible.

Please make sure you are happy within your design before asking for a quote!


Sizings, DTDs and Alterations

For body sizes we require a DTD (Duct Tape Dummy) and will not build a body from just measurements! There are many brilliant tutorials online which you can google to find.

Have a DTD made AFTER the commission has been accepted, if you are likely to put on or lose weight please make your DTD when it is needed so it is the size you are now. These are made to fit your body and although some alterations can be made it cannot be made larger and in some cases if patterns are complex cannot be made smaller.

We have the right to refuse alterations.

Make sure your DTD is not tight when in it! If you feel you cannot breathe and it is too tight cut it open and tape up to make it fit better.  Please make sure your dtd goes all way to your wrist and ankle.

MAKE SURE THE SIDES ARE MARKED OUT BEFORE YOU CUT IT!  the DTD will have to be taped back up by the commissioner neatly and carefully, we do not always have the time to spend an hour or so taping your DTD back up so for a quicker result a pre taped up DTD is required. make sure before you send your DTD you have:


⦁    wrote your name and your characters name on it clearly

⦁    you have marked out which is the front and which is the back

⦁    you have marked out where you want your zipper! (they can be front or back)

⦁    you have marked out where you want your tail

Please send NEATLY folded in a plastic bag that covers it all (to protect it) in a secure box. Do not use old and dirty clothing for the base for your DTD, we highly suggest using a paint overall you can buy for small amount at most DIY stores (make sure it is a full body overall).