Fursuit Care Guide

Before Suiting:

Before you put on your costume there are a few steps you should take to ensure that it remains clean and fresh as long as possible. Our fursuit heads are built on a foam base and will tend to absorb sweat and smells so you will want to be clean and showered before you put it on. You will also want to wear a balaclava inside of the head. Although it is lined with one already, wearing your own separate layer that you can easily change out and wash is always a good idea. For bodysuits and sleeves, lycra or spandex underarmour should always be worn to keep the suit from getting damp with sweat, and most importantly, will help keep you cool. Giving the suit a light brushing after putting it on will ensure that your fur looks slick and perfect.


After Suiting:

If the suit has been worn long enough that it is sweaty inside you should immediately disinfect it when you take it off. Disinfectant can be made by simply mixing water with isopropyl alcohol. DO NOT use Febreeze, Lysol, or similar products as they have many harsh chemicals that should not be breathed and they may not evaporate fully, whereas isopropyl is readily available and non-toxic. Lightly spritz the inside of the fursuit head, inside of the hands and feet, and the inside of the bodysuit. You can use a fan to speed up the drying process but NEVER use heat on fur as it can irreversibly damage the fibers. Always brush your suit after wearing it. If you leave it matted it might stay that way. Use a ‘slicker brush’: a wire pet brush that can be found at most places that sell pet supplies (even the dollar store!) The importance of brushing your suit cannot be stressed enough, it will vastly improve the life of your fur.



Your fursuit should be kept clean and brushed in a rigid, secure container. Plastic storage tubs are easy to find and work great. Keep the suit away from heat, moisture, mold, pests, and sunlight. Do not put heavy things on top of the head or cram it in a way that folds the ears, hair, horns, or other features. To keep your suit smelling nice and fresh you can place a couple of dryer sheets in the head, hands, feet, and/or body.



Spot clean when needed using Folex carpet cleaner, OxyClean, Woolite, or even just a little bit of baby shampoo, and a damp rag.  Lightly rub the soapy, damp rag wherever needed. Wipe or rinse clean and brush thoroughly.

If a deeper cleaning is needed you can either hand wash the fursuit in a tub, or you can wash it in a front loading washing machine. DO NOT wash your fursuit in a top loading machine or any machine with an “agitator” as this can damage the suit.  Only use cold water and color-safe detergent.

For hand washing, soak items in water with detergent, scrub at dirty areas with your fingernails or a rag. Do not be overly rough with the fur or use a bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry. Be VERY gentle with the eyes on the head, though they are waterproofed they are still fragile.

For machine washing turn anything inside out that can be, place individual parts in pillowcases and tie the pillow case shut. Remove anything that can be removed from the head (tongues, piercings, hair, etc.) If your machine has a gentle or delicate cycle, use it. Tumble or hang dry. NO HEAT EVER! Use fans to help drying go faster and brush often throughout the drying process to keep the fur from wrinkling.


If anything becomes damaged on your fursuit please let us know about it as soon as possible. Our fursuits come with a limited warranty and you making repairs on the suit yourself will void this warranty. Unless it is a tiny hole that can be handsewn shut, almost all repairs should be done by us if you wish to keep your warranty. Please do not hesitate to contact us about any issues you have with your fursuit, we are here to help you!